Foam vs Inflatable Life Jacket | Which is Better

A life jacket is a type of personal flotation device (PFD) that any sailor, boater, or person engaging in water-based activities will know about the importance of. Not only can choosing the right one help a person to ensure their safety while in the water, but it could also even save their life! So when […]

What Size Dinghy Do I Need ( Boat Capacity )

A dinghy is an excellent solution for you to get ashore or explore creeks when cruising. Whether you own a large boat, yacht or even a ship; having these small boat compliment well with your sailing experience. You can use them for short sailing, fishing, rescue operation, getting ashore or solo adventure like water sports. […]

How Lifeboat Work And Where Are They Used?

A lifeboat has always been an integral part of life-saving equipment on the ship. It’s considered as the last resort to safety challenges on board ships. Thus it is important to maintain the required number of lifeboats at all times. Lifeboats are basically a smaller boat designated for carrying out emergency abandonment of the ship. […]

Best Outboard Motors 2022 | 7 Helpful Considerations

Boating anglers are facing a hard time choosing the best outboard motors for their powerboat. Today the outboard motor is more efficient, reliable, quite, powerful and smooth to operate. But not all are the same, some are too good for the price, others are just fine but there are always a few that will give […]

Best Inflatable Life Vest For Fishing In 2022

When going for fishing it’s essential you wear an inflatable life vest or kept any floatation device nearby. It’s not just a good practice but helps keep you safe and feel secured. For all time protection; it’s important you wear your life vest and not kept it somewhere on the boat. What if the boat […]

Average Pontoon Boat Weight With 51 Adequate Examples

Pontoon boats are quite unique because of its monohull design. The pontoon boat weight is one of the major factors to consider; if you need to tow your own pontoon on a trailer. Yet I see how easily most people overlook this important detail when making their buying decision. Speed, size, and motor capacity are […]

A Beginers Guide On How To Drive A Boat – Boating Basics

How to drive a boat for the first time? Let’s face it, you want to rent a boat and went through a boating course. But don’t learn enough to feel confident and feel safe on the water. I have been there, you are nervous and doubt your ability to pilot your boat. Now you desperately […]

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