What To Wear On A Boat? – 10 Best Boating Outfit Ideas

Whether it’s for a boating trip, cruise, night boat party or just a ferry ride; you want an outfit that suits your personality. Boating outfit becomes even more important when; you are invited by your neighbor or a friend to join them on a dinner on boat or yacht. With boat parties imminent around the […]

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Overloading Your Boat?

The best way to avoid overloading your boat is to not load it beyond a certain limit. It is not important because the U.S federal law wants you to load within a limit. But also because you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the water. A boat can only handle a […]

20 Different Boat Types | An Easy Guide On Types Of Boats

There are different types of boats ( boat types ) than one can possibly imagine. But in general, a boat can be classified into three main categories and their subcategories; unpowered, motorboats and sailboats. Now, these categories can be further classified into different subcategories with distinct boat types. Each one has its own unique advantage […]

Essential Boat Accessories Which Every Sailor Should Have

Boat accessories are all in all an integral part of a boating lifestyle. Going for a water adventure without necessary boat accessories; is like going for a run without appropriate shoes. But, Whether it be the essential ones or the other used to add value, style, and functions to your boat or pontoon; you want […]

Boat vs Ship | 8 Big Difference Between Boat And A Ship

The difference between the boat and the ship or simply “Boat vs Ship” is one of the fascinating questions of all times. A lot many people are confused about what they really mean (‘Boat’ and ‘Ship’). Both being a sea-going vessel, it’s hard sometimes to know whether its a boat or a ship? Traditionally people […]

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