Centrifugal Pump Problem Checklist and Causes.

Vortex Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is one of the simplest installations of any plant / Engine room. Its purpose is to first convert the energy of the primary motor / prime mover (electric motor or turbine) to velocity or kinetic energy, then into the pressure energy of the pumped liquid. Here the energy changes occur under two … Read more Centrifugal Pump Problem Checklist and Causes.

Watch keeping during Emergencies.

Watch keeping in Emergencies. A. Sight of Ice 1) All ice dangerous to navigation and should be reported to Master. 2) The Officer On Watch (OOW) should alter the course away from the immediate danger. Actions to be taken : 1) Plot the position of the ice, observe and note description. 2) Estimate size of … Read more Watch keeping during Emergencies.