Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) – How Does It Work?

Search And Rescue Transponder or SART in short is an integral part of ships GMDSS ( Global Maritime Distress and Safety System ) requirement under SOLAS after EPIRB. A search and rescue transponder is a self-contained, waterproof transponder that when actuated during emergency reacts to the emission of a radar to send its current location. […]

Refrigerant Used on Ship: Quality, Properties & Guidelines

Refrigerants like R11, R410A, R1234ze, R717 are used in various refrigeration system on board ship for chilling, freezing, air conditioning, provisional cooling and to maintain temperature inside a hold. According to IMO 2014 report more than 90% of all merchant fleet use HCFC/HFC as their primary refrigerant. About 1-2% still use CFC like R11 or […]

Ship Refrigeration System – Purpose, Construction & Working

On ship, Refrigeration system is used to carry refrigerated cargo, food and provisions. During which the temperature of the space or its content is reduced considerably below that of the surrounding. Thus preventing possible growth of harmful bacteria, decay of perishable food, fermentation or damage to cargo. In small ships like large commercial fishing vessels, […]

Maintenance Activity Checklist For Merchant Navy Vessels

All seagoing merchant ships undergo periodic maintenance and checks to comply with the set conventional requirement set under SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, Loadline etc. The main aim of any maintenance activity on ship is to ensure its efficient operation, compliance, reduce risks and full operational safety. Deficiencies when observed are corrected before it can grow into […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Shipping Industry

If there is one community that contributes and suffer the most after the medical employees are the fellow seafarers. As we are heading towards the normalcy we need to acknowledge the effects of COVID 19 on the shipping industry in general and hardship on seafarers. Not just they suffer the mental baggage to work beyond […]

What Is Reserve Buoyancy? ( Ships Stability )

Reserve buoyancy is a key concept of ships stability lessons. Without which you simply cannot understand practical operation of ship and its seaworthiness. The term reserve buoyancy refers to the volume of enclosed space or the part of ship above the waterline that can be made watertight. In short it is the watertight volume of […]

What Is Chain Locker On A Ship? | Basic Overview

A chain locker is a small compartment or space located under the windlass. This is a place forward of the collision bulkhead below the main deck storing or securing the anchor chain cables. The chain locker is connected to the windlass with a Spurling pipe. In case it is located aft of the collision bulkhead […]

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