All About Emergency Generator on Ships

The role of the Emergency generator on the ship is to provide backup power for the emergency loads in case the main generator fails or blackout condition. It is part of the larger emergency machinery and systems installed on large ships related to the engine room. Located outside the machinery space these are much smaller […]

How To Overhaul Electrical Motors On Ship And Industries ?

Everything that is ever built or created has a self life; and it takes proper care and maintenance to prolong their life span. An electrical motor with its five major parts; rotor, stator, winding, terminal box and bearings require overhaul from time to time to ensure safe operation. If not; the first thing which happens […]

How To Successfully Parallel Generators ? | Step By Step

When two or more generators with same frequency, voltage and phase difference are connected to the bus-bar; such that it increase their overall capacity, ease of maintenance, and active load management. Then they are called to be connected in parallel; and the method used is called paralleling. While the process used in this method to […]

Relay – Its Application, Parts And Function

You must have heard the term relay before; Right? For those who don’t; An electrical or electromechanical relay is a device most used in our daily lives. It’s everywhere; in our homes, washing machine, car, air conditioner, aircraft, fridge, microwave, computers, television set, protective equipment and even on the ship. But more than that; these […]

Why Do A Fan Have Capacitor ? – Explained

One of the most important questions of all time. What is the role of the capacitor in a celling fan is the most repeated question in any competitive environment. It is being asked numerous times during company placement, interview, or during a class lecture. Why do fans have capacitors or what’s the function of capacitors […]

Difference Between Impulse And Reaction Turbine

The turbine accounts for almost all of the power generation, all turbocharged engines, pumps, and aircraft engines. But have you thought what the turbine is; or what is the difference between an Impulse and a Reaction Turbine? Today we will learn about what they are; their working, parts, application, and types ( Impulse and Reaction […]

Excitation Voltage – Definition, Types & Working

Excitation / Excitation voltage or more precisely excitation system of a generator ( A.C ) is one of the leading sphere of doubts and questions asked in interviews. While these big machineries work on the Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. They need some source of energy not just to produce magnetic field but to control […]

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