Common Engine Troubles In Marine Engine | Reason & Cure !

Looking for the common engine troubles for the marine engine? Who doesn’t want a trouble-free operation from its marine diesel engine; especially when a great deal of time, effort, and money has been invested into it. The only stress engineers face during the watchkeeping duties is to move the ship from Port A to B; […]

Start Reverse Marine Diesel Engine | Easy Step By Step Guide

It’s not that easy to start marine diesel engine like on a push of a button in our car. Starting an marine engine require a series of checks and procedures to be followed; before the final go ahead. It’s the fuel, lube oil, starting oil, jacket water and interlocks which affects the overall starting procedure. […]

Essential Marine Engine Maintenance Guide | Inspection & Overhaul

The marine diesel engine or ship’s main engine is the heart of the ship; and it needs maintenance too for smooth operation. With all major loading and discharge schedules made in advance; any critical damage leads to a huge loss of money and time. With the main engine accounting, more than 30% of the total […]

The Starting Air Distributor In Marine Engine | Learn Simple

What is the starting air distributor? It is the part of the starting air system responsible for providing pilot air to starting an air valve as per the correct starting order. For an idle six-cylinder engine; the injection timing of all cylinders is timed according to the firing order. For an inline six-cylinder engine a […]

Engine Cooling System – Types And Their Working

You must have noticed the heat coming from an engine if you ride a motorcycle or monitored heavy / large diesel engine. Where does this heat come from? Heat is produced in cylinders during the power stroke of an engine. While most of that heat escape the cylinder in form of hot exhaust gas; some […]

Scavenging In Two Stroke Engine – Types, Advantage & Use

Understanding scavenging requires us to understand why we need scavenging in the first place. We knew that an adequate amount of oxygen is required to start and sustain any combustion. Now since air contains 21% of oxygen; something engine needs in large amounts to burn fuels. Oxygen in the form of fresh air is taken […]

Detailed Working of Marine Fuel Pump And Injector

Fuel pump and injector directly affects the performance of a marine diesel engine. The quality of combustion in an engine depends on the working of a fuel injector; which leading to proper automation and optimum injection timing. Atomization is the process of breaking fuel in very small particles so that it mix well with the […]

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