Effects Of Poor Residual Fuel On Marine Diesel Engine?

Proper ignition and combustion of fuel is the key to efficient marine engine. With use of residual fuel for ignition other less important factors become critical; such as the delay period between the fuel injection and ignition. With most of the commercial ships running on residual fuel it’s obvious to ask; How the use of […]

What’s the need to change Injection Timing? – Variable Injection Timing

Have you wondered, whats is the use for variable injection timing or “VIT” if we always learn and told to avoid early and late ignition ! Why am i asking this question? Variable injection timing is a process to alter ignition timing early or late for affecting engine performance. We all know early ignition can […]

Marine Diesel Engine – Parts And Functions

A Marine diesel engine consists of many working parts. Even different components make few modification in its design but their function remains the same. Each component has a definite function and location in its working. Chances are, you already know something about them even more for few; you already be used to reassembling them in […]

Starting Air System in Marine Diesel Engine

You have heard the term “Air starting system”; but don’t know what it is? Well, the Starting air system uses compressed air to start the main engine. Compressed air is inserted into various cylinders in a proper sequence to provide the initial torque; required to overcome the inertia of reciprocating parts. Normally, compressed air at […]

15 Accurate Difference Between 2 And 4 Stroke Marine Engine

One of the most common questions in Interviews and discussions; “What is the difference between two and four-stroke Marine Diesel Engine”? We all heard about it, we all learn about it. Yet at the time of necessity, we always forget one or two main points to say. So to brush up your knowledge and get […]

Introducing Cylinder Relief Valve: Construction And Working

A cylinder relief valve is a protective device fitted on top of the cylinder head that protects the engine and its surroundings from unprecedented damage from overpressure. It is one of the several-cylinder head mountings installed for the safe operation of an engine. Provided for each cylinder of a marine engine, it lifts up releasing […]

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