Flammability Diagram Detailed Explanation Diagram

Flammability diagram or flammability composition diagram is one of the important documents used across the world to understand and prevent fire and explosion. They are mainly used for the hydrocarbon mixture and so a key to the cargo and ship’s safety on tankers. It is essential on-board to follow certain procedures based on the studies […]

Boiler Alarms And Trips | 5 Common Boiler Safety Devices

There are various risks involved in the safe operation of a marine boiler. Safety devices in the form of alarms and trips are thus installed to each boiler; to monitor, detect, and reduce risks of a possible accident ( Fire, Burn, Explosion, and meltdown ). Earlier ships use to have a steam propulsion system for […]

A Guide On Watch keeping Duties Under Emergency

A seafarer must always be prepared to tackle emergency situations. To tackle any emergency with confidence special drills and training are conducted onboard ships. But still, people sometimes panic during his watch in an emergency. Thus it’s important to know what should be done under certain events doing Watch keeping in Emergencies. Action Required In […]

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