What Is Chain Locker On A Ship? | Basic Overview

A chain locker is a small compartment or space located under the windlass. This is a place forward of the collision bulkhead below the main deck storing or securing the anchor chain cables. The chain locker is connected to the windlass with a Spurling pipe. In case it is located aft of the collision bulkhead […]

What Is RACON Buoy (Radio Transponder Beacon)

The term RACON stands for RADAR + BEACON ( Radio Beacon ). An all-weather radar transponder that works on all frequency of the radar transmission. A racon or radar transponder beacon is a device used to identify position/landmarks in a maritime situation. They are generally used to mark areas prone to navigation hazards. In response […]

Indicated Power Its Measurement & Calculation | Make It Simple

The indicated power of an I.C engine is the total power developed within the cylinder in one complete cycle neglecting any losses. It is the sum total of the brake power and the friction power of an engine. In short it is the maximum power available from the expanding gases developed by combustion of fuel […]

MARPOL 73/78 Annex 2 ( Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk )

Marpol Annex 2 is a regulation for the control of pollution by the noxious liquid substance in bulk that came into effect on April 6, 1987. It is another important MARPOL regulation ( in a series of 6 ) that protects the marine environment and safeguards its ecosystem. As the volume of chemicals carried by […]

What is DOC Certificate? ( Document of Compliance )

A DOC certificate or Document of Compliance is a safety certificate issued to the shipping companies in compliance with the ISM Code 1998 under chapter IX of SOLAS. International safety management code ( ISM ) stands for the international management code adopted by resolution A.741( 18 ) for the safe operation of ship and pollution […]

Hazards Associated With Petroleum Products | Easy Guide

We have achieved so much in terms of economic development in the last 150 years. All thanks to the discovery and mass utilization of petroleum products. Whether its gasoline ( petrol ), diesel, kerosene or marine diesel oil; we are familiar with these names. We use so many of its types and so frequently that […]

A Useful Guide On Indicator Diagram | Power Card, Draw Card

An Indicator diagram is taken to access the performance of each cylinder unit for the ship’s engine. The idle diagram is then compared with the obtained one; that is taken at frequent interval. This helps us know of any deviation or irregularity in the combustion condition and its associated parameters inside the cylinder. This can […]

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