Hazards Associated With Petroleum Products | Easy Guide

We have achieved so much in terms of economic development in the last 150 years. All thanks to the discovery and mass utilization of petroleum products. Whether its gasoline ( petrol ), diesel, kerosene or marine diesel oil; we are familiar with these names. We use so many of its types and so frequently that […]

A Useful Guide On Indicator Diagram | Power Card, Draw Card

An Indicator diagram is taken to access the performance of each cylinder unit for the ship’s engine. The idle diagram is then compared with the obtained one; that is taken at frequent interval. This helps us know of any deviation or irregularity in the combustion condition and its associated parameters inside the cylinder. This can […]

What Are Marine Fenders? Its Types & Function

Marine fenders are kind of a safety barrier designed to protect ships, ports and people against impact forces. In simple words, it protects vessels and berth from damaging each other when they collide. This safety equipment acts as the interface between the ships, boats, berth, and floating platforms; thus providing much needed cushioning effect in […]

What Are Container Ship ? – Its Type, Dimension And Function

Everyday a bulk of cargo arrives at different ports in containers from around the world carried on a ship. These locked containers are then loaded or unloaded from these ships directly to the trucks or rails. These containers can be carried across various modes of transportation, which is know as intermodal transport ; and the […]

Start Reverse Marine Diesel Engine | Easy Step By Step Guide

It’s not that easy to start marine diesel engine like on a push of a button in our car. Starting an marine engine require a series of checks and procedures to be followed; before the final go ahead. It’s the fuel, lube oil, starting oil, jacket water and interlocks which affects the overall starting procedure. […]

What Are Oil Tankers? Type, Sizes, Working And Construction

With the need to fill the supply and demand gap for oil and gas; came the monster we all humbly call Oil tankers. An oil tanker or petroleum tanker is a large ship designed to transport refined and raw petroleum. With the recent introduction of tankers in shipping; it soon becomes a common norm to […]

What Are Sewage Treatment Plant & How Do They Work?

A sewage treatment plant is designed to treat and process raw sewage over different steps involving breaking, filtering, settling, controlled aerobic decomposition and chemical treatment. One of the most common things that come in our mind regarding human waste; is to dump it to the sewers and let the government take care of it. With […]

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