What Is Gear Pump ? – Construction, Design & Working

What is gear pump? A gear pump is a type of positive displacement constant delivery rotary pump. What it means is that it generate a constant amount It converts mechanical energy into fluid energy creating void suction with the help of its gear meshing. The space left between these gear meshing suck in the high […]

Bunkering Operation: Precaution, Procedures & Checklist

Ships require different grades of oil for their day to day operation. The delivery of oil supplies to the ship in the form of fuel and lube oil is refereed to as bunkering. And the process of transferring oil supplies to the ship is termed as bunkering operation. Conventionally bunkering is done in ports but […]

Oily Water Separator Construction Working & Dismantling

Among all machinery Oily Water Separator ( OWS ) is given a unique status because of it function and penalties that may imposed because of its irregularities to the ship owner/manager and criminal punishment to seafarer under whose duty Oily water separator comes. As Oily Water Separator is the result of MARPOL 73/78, Annex 1-Regulations […]

Difference Between Impulse And Reaction Turbine

The turbine accounts for almost all of the power generation, all turbocharged engines, pumps, and aircraft engines. But have you thought what the turbine is; or what is the difference between an Impulse and a Reaction Turbine? Today we will learn about what they are; their working, parts, application, and types ( Impulse and Reaction […]

Turbocharger – Function, Construction And Working

How can we increase the power of an engine? To generate more power we require more Fuel and Air. Conventionally this was achieved by increasing length of piston stroke or the number of cylinders. But what if there’s a way to achieve all without making any change in the engine. Yes! Using Turbocharger we can […]

What’s the need to change Injection Timing? – Variable Injection Timing

Have you wondered, whats is the use for variable injection timing or “VIT” if we always learn and told to avoid early and late ignition ! Why am i asking this question? Variable injection timing is a process to alter ignition timing early or late for affecting engine performance. We all know early ignition can […]

Why Do Ship Float on Water but Needle Sinks?

Yesterday my little cousin asked me this question ” What are ship’s made of ? “. I answered; its steel, iron and other materials. Then he asked me another obvious question ” Why do ship float while nail sinks? “. That was an unexpected question from my 10 year old cousin; but i was relived […]

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