An Easy Guide On Air Compressor And Their Working

A Guide To Working Principle of Air Compressor

Today air compressor is used in aerospace, chemical manufacturing, food processing, medical facilities, oil and gas applications, laboratories, dairy, heavy diesel engine, power machinery, panting, breaking system, pneumatic applications control and automation. An air compressor takes atmospheric air, compresses it, and delivers at the desired pressure. Driven by a prime mover ( electric motor or … Read more

Types of Steam Turbine – A Basic Overview

Types of Steam Turbine - A Basic Overview

A steam turbine is one powerful turbomachine where thermal energy is utilized to produce mechanical energy. All steam turbines can be classified into different types based on the number of cylinders, general flow, means of heat supply, Operating principle and direction of flow. Further, they can also be classified based on exhaust conditions, casting or … Read more

What Are Marine Fenders? Its Types & Function

What Are Marine Fenders? Its Types & Function

Marine fenders are kind of a safety barrier designed to protect ships, ports and people against impact forces. In simple words, it protects vessels and berth from damaging each other when they collide. This safety equipment acts as the interface between the ships, boats, berth, and floating platforms; thus providing much needed cushioning effect in … Read more