Refrigerant Used on Ship: Quality, Properties & Guidelines

Refrigerants like R11, R410A, R1234ze, R717 are used in various refrigeration system on board ship for chilling, freezing, air conditioning, provisional cooling and to maintain temperature inside a hold. According to IMO 2014 report more than 90% of all merchant fleet use HCFC/HFC as their primary refrigerant. About 1-2% still use CFC like R11 or […]

Ship Refrigeration System – Purpose, Construction & Working

On ship, Refrigeration system is used to carry refrigerated cargo, food and provisions. During which the temperature of the space or its content is reduced considerably below that of the surrounding. Thus preventing possible growth of harmful bacteria, decay of perishable food, fermentation or damage to cargo. In small ships like large commercial fishing vessels, […]

An Easy Guide On Air Compressor And Their Working

Today air compressor is used in aerospace, chemical manufacturing, food processing, medical facilities, oil and gas applications, laboratories, dairy, heavy diesel engine, power machinery, panting, breaking system, pneumatic applications control and automation. An air compressor takes atmospheric air, compresses it, and delivers at the desired pressure. Driven by a prime mover ( electric motor or […]

Types of Steam Turbine – A Basic Overview

A steam turbine is one powerful turbomachine where thermal energy is utilized to produce mechanical energy. All steam turbines can be classified into different types based on the number of cylinders, general flow, means of heat supply, Operating principle and direction of flow. Further, they can also be classified based on exhaust conditions, casting or […]

Flame Arrester – It’s Working & Why Is It Required

The flame arrester is a device used in a different piping system to stop and defuse propagating flame fronts. Also called the Flame Arrestor or just arrester; it simply allows the passage of gas but stops flames to pass through. Thus avoiding risks of major fire explosions. Discovered in 1815 by Humphry Davy it soon […]

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