Maintenance Activity Checklist For Merchant Navy Vessels

All seagoing merchant ships undergo periodic maintenance and checks to comply with the set conventional requirement set under SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, Loadline etc. The main aim of any maintenance activity on ship is to ensure its efficient operation, compliance, reduce risks and full operational safety. Deficiencies when observed are corrected before it can grow into […]

What Is RACON Buoy (Radio Transponder Beacon)

The term RACON stands for RADAR + BEACON ( Radio Beacon ). An all-weather radar transponder that works on all frequency of the radar transmission. A racon or radar transponder beacon is a device used to identify position/landmarks in a maritime situation. They are generally used to mark areas prone to navigation hazards. In response […]

What is DOC Certificate? ( Document of Compliance )

A DOC certificate or Document of Compliance is a safety certificate issued to the shipping companies in compliance with the ISM Code 1998 under chapter IX of SOLAS. International safety management code ( ISM ) stands for the international management code adopted by resolution A.741( 18 ) for the safe operation of ship and pollution […]

Types of Steam Turbine – A Basic Overview

A steam turbine is one powerful turbomachine where thermal energy is utilized to produce mechanical energy. All steam turbines can be classified into different types based on the number of cylinders, general flow, means of heat supply, Operating principle and direction of flow. Further, they can also be classified based on exhaust conditions, casting or […]

World Largest Container Ships | Top 10 List

Ultra-large Container Vessel or ULCV has changed the way goods are transmitted around the world. Since the introduction of container shipping in 1956; there has been a never-ending race to built bigger, more efficient container ships. Thus producing some of the largest container ships world have ever seen before. A container ship is a non-bulk […]

Marine Terminology For Boat Ships & Sailors – Marine Terms

To know marine terminology is a must for the boat owners, seafarer and people in the marine industry. Even for the beginner it is must to know and understand; common maritime terms related to his or her ship or boat. The majority of these terms are related to vessel position and direction of movement. For […]

Tugboats | Definition, Working & What Tugboat Used For – Ultimate Guide

A Tugboat or Tugboats are a special vessel used mainly near the harbor and ports to assist in docking of the ships. As discussed in my older post “Types of Boats“; a tug boat is a powerful vessel in a small form that uses push or pull to do its job. Its primary job is […]

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