How To Overhaul Electrical Motors On Ship And Industries ?

Everything that is ever built or created has a self life; and it takes proper care and maintenance to prolong their life span. An electrical motor with its five major parts; rotor, stator, winding, terminal box and bearings require overhaul from time to time to ensure safe operation. If not; the first thing which happens […]

Fresh Water Generator – How Sea Water Is Made Drinkable !

One cannot drink water out of sea; as it dehydrates the body and cause serious medical complication. The fresh water reserves on land are limited and so are costly. A ship or cruise can only take much water it can hold from shore facilities. Not only it be uneconomical but also vary from port to […]

Cargo Oil Pump – Description, Principle & Associated Systems

A COP or cargo oil pump is an integral part of a complex cargo discharge operation. Located in the pump room, the system comprises of a number of pumps including; eductors, steam reciprocating pumps, screw pumps and centrifugal pumps working as a cargo oil pump. But the most common arrangement is the one with centrifugal […]

How To Successfully Parallel Generators ? | Step By Step

When two or more generators with same frequency, voltage and phase difference are connected to the bus-bar; such that it increase their overall capacity, ease of maintenance, and active load management. Then they are called to be connected in parallel; and the method used is called paralleling. While the process used in this method to […]

Why And How To Check Fuel Pump Timing in I.C Engine

Have you wondered why some vehicles release visible blackish exhaust while other’s not? The darkness or blackish nature of exhaust gases depends much upon the fuel atomization and fuel pump timing. Proper injection at set point of time will lead to complete combustion producing clean exhaust gas; while any deviation in injection timing results in […]

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