Maintenance Activity Checklist For Merchant Navy Vessels

All seagoing merchant ships undergo periodic maintenance and checks to comply with the set conventional requirement set under SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, Loadline etc. The main aim of any maintenance activity on ship is to ensure its efficient operation, compliance, reduce risks and full operational safety. Deficiencies when observed are corrected before it can grow into […]

Foam vs Inflatable Life Jacket | Which is Better

A life jacket is a type of personal flotation device (PFD) that any sailor, boater, or person engaging in water-based activities will know about the importance of. Not only can choosing the right one help a person to ensure their safety while in the water, but it could also even save their life! So when […]

What Size Dinghy Do I Need ( Boat Capacity )

A dinghy is an excellent solution for you to get ashore or explore creeks when cruising. Whether you own a large boat, yacht or even a ship; having these small boat compliment well with your sailing experience. You can use them for short sailing, fishing, rescue operation, getting ashore or solo adventure like water sports. […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Shipping Industry

If there is one community that contributes and suffer the most after the medical employees are the fellow seafarers. As we are heading towards the normalcy we need to acknowledge the effects of COVID 19 on the shipping industry in general and hardship on seafarers. Not just they suffer the mental baggage to work beyond […]

What Is Reserve Buoyancy? ( Ships Stability )

Reserve buoyancy is a key concept of ships stability lessons. Without which you simply cannot understand practical operation of ship and its seaworthiness. The term reserve buoyancy refers to the volume of enclosed space or the part of ship above the waterline that can be made watertight. In short it is the watertight volume of […]

What Is Chain Locker On A Ship? | Basic Overview

A chain locker is a small compartment or space located under the windlass. This is a place forward of the collision bulkhead below the main deck storing or securing the anchor chain cables. The chain locker is connected to the windlass with a Spurling pipe. In case it is located aft of the collision bulkhead […]

What is Stiff and Tender Ship? Ships Stability Basics 101

The term stiff and tender ship is a key part of the vast topic i.e ships stability. A ship or boat floats in water when its downward acting weight is balanced by the upward buoyancy. In most cases this axis of flotation passes through the center of gravity and center of buoyancy cutting through a […]

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