Types of Steam Turbine – A Basic Overview

A steam turbine is one powerful turbomachine where thermal energy is utilized to produce mechanical energy. All steam turbines can be classified into different types based on the number of cylinders, general flow, means of heat supply, Operating principle and direction of flow. Further, they can also be classified based on exhaust conditions, casting or […]

World Largest Container Ships | Top 10 List

Ultra-large Container Vessel or ULCV has changed the way goods are transmitted around the world. Since the introduction of container shipping in 1956; there has been a never-ending race to built bigger, more efficient container ships. Thus producing some of the largest container ships world have ever seen before. A container ship is a non-bulk […]

Best Inflatable Life Vest For Fishing In 2020

When going for fishing it’s essential you wear an inflatable life vest or kept any floatation device nearby. It’s not just a good practice but helps keep you safe and feel secured. For all time protection; it’s important you wear your life vest and not kept it somewhere on the boat. What if the boat […]

Average Pontoon Boat Weight With 51 Adequate Examples

Pontoon boats are quite unique because of its monohull design. The pontoon boat weight is one of the major factors to consider; if you need to tow your own pontoon on a trailer. Yet I see how easily most people overlook this important detail when making their buying decision. Speed, size, and motor capacity are […]

Ship’s Main Engine Lubricating Oil System | An Easy Guide

Marine lube oil system or any lubricating oil system in particular works on four key types of lubrication; hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, boundary, and elastohydrodynamic lubrication. Adequate lubrication of parts is required to avoid heat buildup and wear; thus playing an essential role in the working of ship machinery and marine diesel engine in particular. Many a […]

A Helpful Guide On Lube Oil Properties For Marine Engine

Having correct lube oil properties is critical for the successful operation of machinery. They are used as a coolant, reduce friction, provide cushioning, act as a cleaning agent, protect components against corrosion, and more. There are various grades and types of lube oil available; based on engine speed, working conditions, operations, specific requirement or regulations. […]

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