What To Wear On A Boat? – 10 Best Boating Outfit Ideas

Whether it’s for a boating trip, cruise, night boat party or just a ferry ride; you want an outfit that suits your personality. Boating outfit becomes even more important when; you are invited by your neighbor or a friend to join them on a dinner on boat or yacht. With boat parties imminent around the […]

Tugboats | Definition, Working & What Tugboat Used For – Ultimate Guide

A Tugboat or Tugboats are a special vessel used mainly near the harbor and ports to assist in docking of the ships. As discussed in my older post “Types of Boats“; a tug boat is a powerful vessel in a small form that uses push or pull to do its job. Its primary job is […]

Life At Sea | Experience Of New Joiners On Merchant Ship

Working at sea I can clearly say living on ship or oceanic complex ( Life at Sea ) in the middle of the water is a different lifestyle; than what we usually see around on land. While career at sea provides you with unparalleled opportunities whether in terms of standard of life; work culture, diversity […]

What Are Container Ship ? – Its Type, Dimension And Function

Everyday a bulk of cargo arrives at different ports in containers from around the world carried on a ship. These locked containers are then loaded or unloaded from these ships directly to the trucks or rails. These containers can be carried across various modes of transportation, which is know as intermodal transport ; and the […]

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Overloading Your Boat?

The best way to avoid overloading your boat is to not load it beyond a certain limit. It is not important because the U.S federal law wants you to load within a limit. But also because you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the water. A boat can only handle a […]

Top 10 Container Shipping Companies In The World

Looking for the largest container shipping companies by TEU capacity? Shipping is huge and large part of the cargo moves from one part of the world to another unnoticed yet safe; thanks to the 20 feet long cargo containers and the ships who carry them. Container shipping is one of the key parts of the […]

Standards For Marine Bunkering Hoses

A hose is a flexible tube used to transfer fluid from one place to another. On ship hoses are used at times for drains, fresh water supply, fire fighting, exhaust outlet, bunkering and cargo operation. Different standards of hose are used for above specified jobs; following one or ore rules and recommendations. A marine hose […]

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