Marpol Annex 5 And Its Latest Amendments

Marpol Annex 5 states for the regulation and prevention of marine pollution due to ships garbage. It came into force on 31st December 1988 with new improved regulation for disposing garbage at sea. The original Marpol annex 5 ( 1988 version ) only prohibits disposal of plastics at sea with regulation for other garbage in […]

Why Do Ship Float on Water but Needle Sinks?

Yesterday my little cousin asked me this question ” What are ship’s made of ? “. I answered; its steel, iron and other materials. Then he asked me another obvious question ” Why do ship float while nail sinks? “. That was an unexpected question from my 10 year old cousin; but i was relived […]

Top 10 Government Merchant Navy Colleges in India

There’s no better job than being marine engineer or merchant navy officer; if you want a lavish life style, handsome salary, better career growth, time flexibility, work culture and opportunities to travel across the world. It’s almost a dream come true for many who failed to selected in IIT’s for various reasons. Looking back in […]

Flammability Diagram Detailed Explanation Diagram

Flammability diagram or flammability composition diagram is one of the important documents used across the world to understand and prevent fire and explosion. They are mainly used for the hydrocarbon mixture and so a key to the cargo and ship’s safety on tankers. It is essential on-board to follow certain procedures based on the studies […]

An Easy Guide On Types of Ships In Commercial Shipping

Nowadays ships have become complex and efficient; designed for a certain type of cargo. There are different types of ships based on their cargo/application. Further, these ships are then divided based on their size. Most probably, you might have not thought much about the types of ships in the past. After all, they all appear […]

Boat vs Ship | 8 Big Difference Between Boat And A Ship

The difference between the boat and the ship or simply “Boat vs Ship” is one of the fascinating questions of all times. A lot many people are confused about what they really mean (‘Boat’ and ‘Ship’). Both being a sea-going vessel, it’s hard sometimes to know whether its a boat or a ship? Traditionally people […]

Understanding Steering Gear System in Ships With Clarity

Steering Gear System has been the part of ships ever since its existence. One of the first steering systems was the pair of oars used to propel and steer the ship. With the advance in technology, the system evolved from oars blade to rudder and shanks to rudder stock & tiller facilitating turning moment. There […]

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