Fun Games To Play On A Boat | All Game Ideas

If you are like me, going for a boat ride itself is an exciting endeavor. But for many, it’s just another recreational activity. You can make it more fun, adding games to play on a boat. When it comes to making your boat ride fun. The only limit is your imaginations. If you are a […]

Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats of 2020 | Review & Comparison

Inflatable pontoon boats are idle for average fishing needs. They are simple in design, easy to store and can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. These are quite safe to operate and last longer when properly maintained. It’s your cost-effective solution to fishing boats for lakes and rivers. They ideally have two […]

Best Boat Fenders of 2020 | Review & Comparison

Boat fenders are a critical instrument onboard that helps protect your boat from damage. Together these boat fenders act as the bumper in between your boat and the docking station. Designed to protect dents and dings on the vessel it acts as the barrier between your boat and the surrounding. Controlling a boat is always […]

Marine Terminology For Boat Ships & Sailors – Marine Terms

To know marine terminology is a must for the boat owners, seafarer and people in the marine industry. Even for the beginner it is must to know and understand; common maritime terms related to his or her ship or boat. The majority of these terms are related to vessel position and direction of movement. For […]

How To Winterize Your Boat Motor ( ALL Types ) | Easy Guide

Winter is about to come and as an responsible boater you need to winterize your boat motor. Winterizing your boat means protecting your engine, accessories and equipment from freeze damage due to extreme cold. Your boat motor need special attention as if not winterized; condensation happens in fuel tank, gunk develop and cooling lines freeze […]

What To Wear On A Boat? – 10 Best Boating Outfit Ideas

Whether it’s for a boating trip, cruise, night boat party or just a ferry ride; you want an outfit that suits your personality. Boating outfit becomes even more important when; you are invited by your neighbor or a friend to join them on a dinner on boat or yacht. With boat parties imminent around the […]

Best Handheld VHF Marine Radio of 2020 | Review & Comparison

A handheld VHF marine radio is your lifeline at sea; be on ship, water craft or boat sailing, fishing or just doing your job. Whether you need to connect to the coast guards, send rescue signal, talk to other vessels, contact bridge or contact other crew on large ships; a handheld VHF marine radio is […]

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